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Off to India part deux, with ICA Congress at Jaipur

The second summer I left RISD, I moved into a beautiful home in Providence while I working as a junior designer at ITEM. With all the time in the world suddenly and leaving the hectic studio hours of design school behind, I taught myself how to sew with the many trips I took to Ann and Hope to buy fabrics (which I still have some hanging around, yet to become something, vintage fabric anyone)?. That summer I met a wonderful new RISD grad name Alison, who took up my dressing/sewing room to stay while she figured out her life. We became fast friends, and she told me she went on a trip to India. Through her eyes, I remember distinctly daydreaming of the faraway land of India, in the form of gold trimmed fuschia and cerulean blue silk... 

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London Fashion Week SS15

LFW SS15-1

London Fashion Week SS15, we worked with FASHIONatMeLondon once again at the fantastic Me London Hotel...

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