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Bespoke Process


There are no words to describe how special it feels to wear a piece of jewelry that is made just for you. We at Pearly are one of the very few jewellers in the world who not only specializes in design but are also gemstones sellers to the trade. We handpick only the best gems to create a great quality heritage designer piece.

Our motto is to offer you an unparallel experience in fine jewellery, with personal attention to every detail to create jewelry that is truly luxurious and tailor made.

Why bespoke instead of ready made:

Designing a special piece for someone you love or yourself is the very soul of jewellery that we wear. It's about the essence of love, care and thoughtfulness. Unlike mass market jewelry, even small edition, every aspect in bespoke is handled with undivided attention. From choosing the gemstone one desires, to a design that fits the personality, lifestyle and taste of the individual, we take every detail into consideration to create the ultimate piece for you. This unique attention to details makes a huge difference in the finished piece, and it turly shines that much brighter physically.

Our close relationship with our gem suppliers also allows us to purchase our gems direct (you can learn more about our gems at Pearly Gems). Being an independent personal jeweller, we eliminate the typical store markup and retail operation cost, resulting in a much higher quality piece at a lower price, with the added benefit of a designed piece that is exactly to your heart's content.

Is it expensive:

With over a decade of experience in creating custom designer pieces, we can confidently tell you our clients believe bespoke is better value compare to shopping in store. We work with how much you're comfortable spending and adhere it to the project. Handmade pieces that are made one at a time certainly cost more considering time and labour, but it's a different product entirely. We go through a much more vigorous and throughout process to make sure each piece is created as close to perfection as possible. If you not yet have a budget in mind, we can also help advice how to approach. 

Our bespoke process:

Initial Meeting - Whether you are far or near, we work with clients around the world who's looking for that something special. To schedule consultation, we begin with a short conversation to see if the project would be suitable for us. From there we take on a consultation meeting. To cover our time and operational cost in case the client decides to not go ahead after the meeting, we charge a $200USD consultation fee that can be fully redeemed for the bespoke piece.

Understanding your needs - To begin the project, we'd either meet at our design studio or have a face-to-face Skype chat if we're not in the same city. We'll try to get as much input as possible: what is the occasion, the ideas you may already have in mind, the budget, and most importantly, who is this person we are designing the piece for  is like! We'll begin to formulate a direction and a strategy, from sourcing the right gemstone to design direction.

Diamonds or Colored Gem, 18k or Platinum - We can begin with a gemstone of your choice with what maybe on hand at the moment, or you can let us know what you're looking and we can work with our suppliers to source. Sometimes the exact gem and size may not be available right away, so be open-minded with what comes to you at the moment, the right gem always finds its owner. If you have the time, we can always find something that is suitable for your idea.

Gemological Certification - Before the gem is set into a mounting is the best time to obtain a certificate. Most diamonds over 1 carat and high end colored gemstones already come certified. If the gem you've chosen doesn't have one and you wish to acquire one, please account an extra month or two months. Timing is strictly dependent on how busy the laboratory is. Please account for this if your bespoke piece is time sensitive, such as gifts for a birthday, anniversary or an engagement ring for a proposal. Our gemstones typically come with, GIA, GRS, Gubelin, SSEF certificates, depending on the choice of the supplier. 

Tell me what you'd like to make - We then sit down for a design consultation appointment to discuss what you'd like to have made, what's your heart's desire, the budget you'd like to keep, and how much time you have to complete the project. At the time of booking, we require a USD $250 deposit that is fully redeemable for the bespoke project, or refund should you choose to cancel the appointment. This serves to protect the time we spend on the project should it need to be canceled prior to completion. We will begin the design in sketches and we'll have you approve the concept. A deposit or a payment in full will be required to officially begin the project. 

Let's make magic - From the design concept and idea from you, we bring the idea to life. This is where our expertise and experience really work hard in keeping the vision alive. We may work off a sketch directly or create a technical drawing, recreate it in CAD and sometimes make a prototype. Often we revise the design to resolve unforeseen issues. The craftman in charge will work on your piece by hand, and we use the best method and craftsman that specialize for the piece - whether it's setting precious gems, setting micropavé on a microscope, or sculpting by a master craftsman that we partner with - from here we perfect the piece. 

How long does it take?

Completion time depends on the complexity of the design, and also how many projects are running in the workshop already. A simple setting such as a solitaire engagement ring takes about six weeks to two months, intricate or masterpieces would take much longer.

The bespoke process is carefully controlled, and each step is reviewed from concept to final. We will work hard to meet your deadline, and if necessary, adjust the design so it can be completed in time.

A word on holidays bespoke:

If you'd like your piece to be ready for Christmas, we need to complete the design and send to our craftsmen by early October in order to complete in time. Please be aware of this as it's the busiest season of the whole year for our workshop. Don't forget you can always present the beautiful gemstone itself as a gift, or present with a framed design sketch while the piece is in progress. We will help create something for your gift presentation. It's the most jewel filled season of the year, and absolutely nothing tops a bespoke jewelry piece from the heart as a holiday gift.