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A-Dental Center partners with Pearly for in-house membership program success

Learn how A-Dental Center used Pearly to launch and grow a 250 membership program, generating over $75,00 per year in recurring revenue.
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"The membership features are easy-to-use and the customer support is amazing."
- Dr. Fadi Elzayat, Practice Owner
new members enrolled in 12 months
more production from members vs. uninsured patients
of annual recurring revenue from membership fees


Increase production from uninsured patients.

A-Dental Center is a leading dental practice in North Hollywood, facing the problem of uninsured patients or patients with not enough insurance coverage. The team at A-Dental Center knew they needed to implement an in-house membership program to help their uninsured patients get the services they needed as well as make it easier for their practice to receive and collect payments.

While Dr. Elzayat knew that subscription-based dentistry was the answer, the hassle of patient billing, managing members, and building out an efficient process to enroll patients turned out to be significant.

The team was eager for a solution, and after a few calls with various membership platform providers, A-Dental Center chose to partner with Pearly.


Turn-key membership plan management platform.

A-Dental Center chose to use Pearly to launch and manage their in-house membership program.

Pearly hosted several virtual trainings with the A-Dental Center team to ensure everyone at the office could communicate the value of membership to patients and easily enroll members at their front desk. To help launch the program, Pearly designed brochures for A-Dental Center to provide to patients, crafted a personalized enrollment site, and added a widget to A-Dental Center’s website. A-Dental Center put up signs in the office and promoted their membership offering in email campaigns.

By combining Pearly’s software and membership expertise with A-Dental Center’s amazing team and quality dental care, the membership program quickly attracted patients.


2x more production from members versus uninsured.

A-Dental Center added 250 members in their first year using Pearly, enrolled 100 members in their first 100 days, and is currenly adding ~25 new members per month. After just 12 months, A-Dental Center now generates nearly $71k in recurring revenue from their membership program and is on-track to double membership fee revenue in year two.

Patients love the benefits of membership and the A-Dental Center team has done an excellent job communicating the value.

Instead of starting each month at $0 in production, A-Dental Center generates predictable, recurring revenue from membership fees and benefits from increased case acceptance. In addition, patients who come in for one-time emergency treatment become members and benefit from regular, preventive care included in each membership plan.

We evaluated running our membership program internally, but billing and patient management was too time consuming. Pearly makes everything easy!
Dr. Fadi Elzayat
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