Next-generation revenue cycle automation for DSOs

Pearly streamlines RCM operations, unifies patient billing, accelerates cash flow, and reduces staff time.

DSO dental software

Scale revenue cycle operations with customized workflow automations

RCM workflows
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Leverage RCM automation to save staff time and collect more, faster.

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Show patients what and why they owe with digital statements.

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Improve case acceptance and staff efficiency with Pay-Over-Time options.

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Offer modern payment options and reduce days to pay.

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Trigger physical mail statements and pre-collection letters at the right time.

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View essential revenue cycle metrics from an intuitive group dashboard.

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Seamlessly integrate Pearly with your practice management software.

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See how dental organizations thrive

28 offices
using Pearly for RCM automation
patient A/R collected in first 60 days

Platinum uses Pearly for unified and robust billing processes across 28 offices

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10 offices
using Pearly for RCM automation
14 hours
of staff time saved per month, per office

Trident partners with Pearly for revenue cycle automation across 10 offices

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90+ days past due A/R collected in 60 days
Increase in patient A/R collection rate

Shoreline Dental selects Pearly to streamline patient billing & A/R collection

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Frequently asked questions

Why do DSOs use Pearly for RCM automation?

Efficient patient billing and A/R collection at scale is hard.

Poor billing practices and a lack of automation lead to rising A/R balances, staffing challenges, and disjointed processes for growing DSOs. Attempting to scale tedious manual tasks, like chasing down past due balances, is a drag on profitability.

We make it easy with smart automations.

DSOs use Pearly to streamline RCM operations and unify patient billing and collection workflows across offices. By adopting automation, A/R decreases, profitability increases, and billing teams are more productive.

Can we try it out for a few offices to start?

Yes!  We offer a free pilot for up to 5 offices so you can see the ROI for yourself.

We can get you up-and-running with a pilot in less than one week.

What if our DSO uses multiple practice management systems?

Our software integrates with over 50 PMS platforms. Regardless of the size of your organization, Pearly can aggregate patient data from each location and each PMS to provide enterprise-level workflows and analytics in a unified format.

Can we customize billing messaging for each office?

We understand that billing communication is a sensitive matter. With Pearly, DSOs can standardize the patient experience with pre-set templates that incorporate unique merge variables for each office and/or brand.

These templates can be further customized with escalating language that corresponds with the age of the balance being addressed.

Some of our practices offer specialty dental services. Can we use alternative billing rules for these locations?

Pearly uses in-depth targeting via "blocking rules" to ensure that the right balances are engaged for payment. Our software can target on CDT codes, insurance types, claim status, and a wide range of other criteria to determine who gets billed and how they get billed.

For specialty dental services, practices can use these blocking rules in conjunction with Payment Plans and transparent digital statements to offer patients a seamless billing experience.