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Shoreline Dental selects Pearly to streamline patient billing & A/R collection

Learn how Shoreline Dental saves 11 hours per week, while boosting A/R collection rate 32.1%, with Pearly's automated patient billing outreach.
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"Our team saves SO much time with Pearly. It's just easy to use."
- Anel Leyva, Operations Administrator
90+ days past due A/R collected in 60 days
Increase in patient A/R collection rate
Estimated staff hours saved per month


Shoreline Dental Chicago has an exceptional team of caring, experienced dental professionals who use only the most advanced technologies, materials & procedures.

While Eaglesoft enabled the team to send one-off email & text invoices, the process was very manual and did not offer an easy patient payment experience. The team knew Pay-by-Text was important to their patients, so they set out to find a more efficient solution.

The A/R collection team was spending a tremendous amount of time and resources trying to reach their patients with balances over 90 days past due without results. Mailing, calling and emailing these patients to collect didn't work either and often delivered a negative patient experience.

Shoreline had also tried numerous online bill pay tools but it was too difficult to integrate into their management system.


A/R Assistant to identify and engage past due patients.

Shoreline implemented Pearly at their office to streamline their dental patient collection process and utilize modern communication channels.

Anel Leyva, Shoreline Dental's Business Administrator, worked with her Pearly Practice Success Manager to integrate with their practice management software, Eaglesoft, with Pearly in less than 15 minutes.

With the help of her dedicated Success Manager, Anel analyzed Shoreline's patient A/R in the Pearly Portal together and started engaging past due patients. Patients immediately received friendly notifications with readable bills, highlighting their visit history and balance owed.


Increased collection rate by 32%

In the first two months using Pearly, Shoreline Dental collected over $23,000 in payments from patients with balances over 90 days past due through the platform.

The practice's collection rate increased 32%, while Shoreline team members saved dozens of hours and could reduce the number of collection calls to frustrated patients.

By automatically offering multiple, modern payment methods to patients via Pearly, patients paid faster, and approximately 15% of all payments in the first 60 days were made using Apple Pay. Patients could complete payment in a few clicks, without entering their card details, versus having to head to the post office to mail a check. The result? More payments.

Shoreline Dental Chicago now has an efficient way to collect patient payments that delivers results while saving valuable staff time.

We've tried other solutions and Pearly is by far the easiest, most cost effective solution to get your past due patients to pay your dental practice.
Anel Leyva
Operations Administrator
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