Payment Processing Overview

Accept More Payment Methods Instantly.

Provide a frictionless, modern experience to your dental patients by accepting more payment types and methods. With our Smart Recovery features, more payments are successful. Use our built-in payment processing or use your existing online bill pay.

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Payment Methods

Accept more payment methods and collect more money, faster. Empower patients to pay with all major credit cards, debit cards, instant ACH, and via digital wallets like Pay from any device.

Credit & Debit Cards

Power to your patients.

Securely accept and process all major debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Maestro, JCB, and UnionPay.

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All cards, same rate

Uniform processing fee for all card types, including Amex.

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Industry leading security

PCI & HIPAA compliant. AES-256 card number encryption.

Instant ACH & e-Check

Frictionless bank transfers.

We partnered with Plaid and Stripe so your patients never need to enter their account or routing number for ACH/eCheck payments. Patients securely authenticate with their bank username and password in 11 seconds and then pay directly from their bank account.

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Instant bank verification

No bank account or routing numbers required.

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Benefit from lower fees with ACH

3.6x lower processing fees for ACH vs. credit card.

Digital Wallets

Effortless mobile payments.

Digital wallets eliminate the need for customers to manually enter their card and billing information for fast payments. We dynamically offer the option to complete payment with Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay based on device type.

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No card details required.

Digitally stored card details to speed transaction time.

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Dynamic device detection

Automatic option for patients with a digital wallet enabled.

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Payment Types

Dental patients today demand options and it pays to care. With Pearly, you can collect one-time payments, membership subscription fees, and allow patients to break-up their bill into interest-free installments.

One-Time Payments

Pay in-full from any device.

Easily automate your patient accounts receivable process with Pearly Pay. Patients are notified via text and email and can seamlessly complete payment on their phone, tablet, or desktop computer in seconds.

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White label payment portal

Your practice's logo and details are front and center.

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Beautiful patient experience

Intuitive interface powering payments in a few clicks.

Subscription Billing

In-house dental membership plans on autopilot.

Design custom in-house dental membership plans with Pearly's Membership Software, and monthly or annual subscription fees are automatically processed on the right date, at the right time. Patients can pay with credit card, debit card, or instant ACH and you can see all payments in the Pearly Portal.

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100% control of plan pricing

You set the fee schedule and treatments.

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Family member discounts

Offer subscription fee discounts to dependents.


Split the cost of treatment.

Allow your patients to pay-over-time with interest-free installments. You set the installment schedule and decide which patients to provide the option to when collecting patient outstanding balances with Pearly Pay.

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Customize installment schedule

Choose the number of installments and payment frequency.

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Automatic installment billing

Installments are auto-charged according to the schedule.

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Smart Recovery Features

We leverage Stripe's smart recovery features to successfully process payments that may have otherwise not gone through. Features include automatically updating your patients’ saved cards, retrying payments at strategic times, and failed payment notifications.

Smart Saved Cards

Reduce the need to update credit and debit card details.

When a patient receives a new physical card (e.g. the card expired), our software works with the card networks to automatically update the saved card details in our system. You don't need to manually collect updated details from patients and payments continue to get processed - magic!

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Widely supported in the United States

Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover cards will typically be updated for you automatically.

Smart Retries

Decrease failed payments.

Smart Retries uses machine learning to choose optimal times to retry failed payment attempts. Charges are automatically retried up to four times in a three week period.

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Powered by machine learning

Optimized with hundreds of time-dependent, dynamic signals and continuously learning from new purchaser behaviors.

Failed Payment Notifications

Give patients the ability to self-update payment details.

Patients receive email notifications when a payment fails with a prompt to provide a different payment method. It's easy for patients to update their payment details on the go.

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Branded to your practice.

Emails match the design and branding of your practice.