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Trident partners with Pearly for revenue cycle automation across 10 offices

Learn how Trident Endodontic Speciality Management Solutions centralizes patient billing and streamlines A/R collection with Pearly.
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"The ROI of Pearly was obvious after the first week."
- Corey Rupertus, Financial Controller
10 offices
using Pearly for RCM automation
increase in patient collection rate
14 hours
of staff time saved per month, per office


Manual and time consuming patient RCM processes.

Trident Endodontic Speciality Management Solutions provides support solutions to emerging endodontic practices.

Corey Rupertus, the Financial Controller from Trident, started looking for a modern A/R solution in an effort to boost collection rates across their 6 offices. Several of Trident's practices had an outdated accounts receivable collection process and, as a result, were suffering from low collection rates. The billing team was spending countless hours mailing statements and making collection calls, without results.

Corey Rupertus decided to pilot Pearly at one location to determine the return on investment.


Collect patient accounts receivable, automatically.

Trident first implemented at their Springfield, PA location. The Pearly Onboarding team worked with Trident's IT team with their practice management system, Open Dental, and customized the platform settings to fit their needs.

After the first two weeks using Pearly at the Springfield, PA location, the results were so significant that Trident decided to implement Pearly at five additional practices in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Pearly's software was so easy to use that Corey was able to train the Trident billing team on her own in a few minutes to scale adoption across the additional locations.


Collecting more A/R with less manual effort.

Within the first 30 days, Trident's locations collected over 32% of their past due patient A/R that was engaged with Pearly continues to intelligiently engage past due patients on the right channel, with the right message, and at the right time.

Pearly's built-in automation tools and seamless integration with Open Dental have empowered Trident's team to save an estimated 14 hours of staff time per month, per office. Corey also noted that Pearly has been especially helpful for smaller balances that their practices would have otherwise written off -"it's found money!"

Patients have responded positively to Pearly's outreach and payment experience, evidenced by 11% of payments getting completed within 15 minutes of the first notification. In addition, nearly 68% of bills are viewed on the patient's mobile device, and then payment is completed within 90 days on the same device.

The ROI of Pearly is significant. The platform makes it easy to clean up outstanding accounts receivable, boost collection rate, and provide a superior patient experience.
Corey Rupertus
Financial Controller
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