We partner with dental industry leaders to help practices thrive

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Our partnership process

The first step is to book an intro call to discuss your goals and determine if partnering with Pearly is a good fit for your organization. If it makes sense to join forces, we'll dive deep into our platform and benefits. Your partnership manager will then work with you strategize how best to share our solution with your network.

We offer multiple ways to partner from basic referral agreements to full white-label reseller models. We believe in win-win relationships and offer competitive compensation so we can grow together. You're always kept up-to-date on product improvements, while we provide ongoing support and marketing materials.

Who we partner with

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Dental Consultants

Pearly's industry-leading revenue cycle automation solutions are proven to significantly improve practice financial performance. We've found, however, that we can deliver the most value when partnered with a management consultant committed to practice success.

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Dental CPAs & CFOs

Your dental practice clients turn to you for advice on how to reduce A/R, cut expenses, and ultimately increase profitability. Pearly offers the software to make it happen. Our CEO recently presented at the Academy of Dental CPAs conference and we quickly discovered thatyour advice plus our software is a winning combination.

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Outsourced Billing Companies

We have partnerships with leading outsourced dental billing companies. Our patient RCM automation software is the foundation for new product offerings and staff efficiency. Book a call with us and we'll highlight the various ways Pearly is the infrastructure behind patient billing.

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Software Companies

We love to partner and integrate with software platforms. Our believe is that more data and more connection drives superior financial results for dental practices. Pearly has a rockstar software development team focused on building value-add solutions for practices and our partners.