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Your dental membership program, automated.

Pearly partners with your practice to design, promote, and grow a profitable in-house dental membership program that boosts production and automates admin tasks.

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Build a more profitable practice with the most innovative membership platform

Offer subscription-based dental membership plans directly to your patients and cut out the insurance middleman with Pearly. It's a win-win for practice and patient.

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Increase production

2x more production from membership plan patients versus uninsured.

Boost case acceptance

Members accept 50% to 100% more treatment than uninsured patients.

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Attract new patients

Differentiate your dental practice and attract patients without insurance.

"Transformed our practice!"

- Dr. Fadi Elzayat

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Bring your patient revenue cycle management into the 21st century

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Leverage RCM automation to save staff time and collect more, faster.

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Show patients what and why they owe with digital statements.

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Improve case acceptance and staff efficiency with Pay-Over-Time options.

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Turn uninsured patients into profitable and loyal members.

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Offer modern payment options and reduce days to pay.

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Trigger physical mail statements and pre-collection letters at the right time.

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View essential revenue cycle metrics from an intuitive group dashboard.

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Seamlessly integrate Pearly with your practice management software.

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See how dental organizations thrive

28 offices
using Pearly for RCM automation
patient A/R collected in first 60 days

Platinum uses Pearly for unified and robust billing processes across 28 offices

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10 offices
using Pearly for RCM automation
14 hours
of staff time saved per month, per office

Trident partners with Pearly for revenue cycle automation across 10 offices

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90+ days past due A/R collected in 60 days
Increase in patient A/R collection rate

Shoreline Dental selects Pearly to streamline patient billing & A/R collection

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Frequently asked questions

Wait, what are dental membership plans?

Membership plans are care plans that dental practices offer directly to patients. Patients pay a subscription fee to your practice. You design the plan and set the pricing. Most plans typically cover all preventive care and discounts on other treatments, but it's entirely up to you.

Does Pearly's membership software work for my dental group or DSO?

Yes! Pearly Plan offers attractive features and benefits your DSO or group practice needs to design and grow a profitable membership program.

Pearly makes it simple for your group practice to create, launch, and grow membership programs in each office. Our powerful software enables custom plans and pricing for each office and provides robust analytics, so you gain insight into the performance at the group and office levels.

Our experienced team understands that launching a new program or migrating an existing one across multiple offices can be challenging. Our combination of innovative software and personalized support, including team training, streamlines the process so you can focus on practice growth. You can adjust the treatments, discounts, and subscription pricing by location as each office may serve a distinct patient base and demographic.

We partner with you to craft your marketing strategy, set goals, and ensure accountability across all locations. Our membership growth platform is your total solution for success.

Does it make life easier for dental office managers?

Big time! As a Dental Office Manager, you are busy. Fortunately, we built our software to make it easy for office managers to run membership programs by automating the time consuming tasks.

We first work with you to design membership plans and fee schedules. We then ensure that your entire team is trained on how to enroll and manage members. From how to reconcile payments in your practice management software to adjusting plan terms, we're here to help make your in-house dental membership club a success.

As Ian, an office manager in San Diego says: "Pearly just rocks!"

Do you provide personalized support?

Absolutely. We first help you craft the perfect plans for your practice during our free onboarding call. Once you're program is launched, our Membership Success team ensures you promote your plans to patients and is available for ongoing training. Finally, our Support Heroes are here to help answer any patient or member questions.

How long does it take to launch?

It's shockingly simple and we can get you up and running in one day. While some practices may take longer if they prefer multiple training calls, it's easy to get started. Schedule a time to speak with a product expert and we can get you set up on the call.

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