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Platinum uses Pearly for unified and robust billing processes across 28 offices

Learn how Platinum Dental Services streamlined billing across 23 offices and collected $420k of past due patient payments in 60 days.
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28 Office DSO

"Pearly is the best billing automation solution in the industry"
Ashley W., Revenue Cycle Manager
28 offices
using Pearly for RCM automation
10 days
to implement Pearly at all offices
collected in the first 60 days


Existing process is time-consuming & inefficient.

Platinum Dental Services is a 28-location DSO headquartered in Utah. While Platinum was able to provide excellent support to their owner dentists, they were facing the issue of growing patient balances without an efficient system to handle the challenge. 

Platinum is constantly evaluating the best dental software in the market to ensure they provide the most value to its growing portfolio of practices.  Previous attempts with other software providers to streamline the process failed due to poor user experience and lack of results.

With 28 current locations, the Platinum team was eager to discover a more modern way to collect on patient balances, replace manual labor-intensive tasks with automation, and ultimately help keep their practices profitable and happy.


Unified RCM process to save time and collect more.

Platinum first launched a 30-day pilot at one office to ensure Pearly delivered value. In an effort to reduce the number of staff hours spent manually reaching out to patients, Platinum customized their settings in Pearly to automatically send digital statements to patients with outstanding balances and no insurance claims pending.

After collecting over $25k and saving over 50 hours of staff time during the one-month pilot, Platinum was eager to roll out the program to all 28 locations. 

Pearly's team worked closely with Platinum Dental Services to seamlessly integrate with Open Dental and customize the platform automation settings to fit each practice's unique specifications.

The entire implementation process was completed in just 10 days. Pearly provided comprehensive training to all the locations to ensure that staff members were able to utilize the RCM platform effectively. With the Pearly RCM platform in place, Platinum Dental Services now benefits from a centralized and efficient billing system.


$420k of patient A/R collected in first 60 days.

Since implementing Pearly across all 28 locations, Platinum Dental Services has seen significant improvements in its A/R collection process. Within 60 days of launching the new program, Platinum collected over $420k in past due patient payments, automatically.

While the RCM team at Platinum was thrilled with the increased collection rate, another positive outcome of launching Pearly was the excitement and appreciation from their offices.

By using automated notifications and reminders, Pearly was able to save an estimated 55 hours of staff time per month, per office, freeing up office staff to focus on more critical tasks that ultimately provide a better patient experience.

Implementing this unified A/R process has helped Platinum with their short-term need to reduce aging accounts receivable, and also helped them implement a lasting patient revenue cycle system as the DSO continues to expand.

Pearly has been a game changer. Before Pearly, patient billing was a massive amount of manual work each month, with poor results. We now love the automation.
Ashley W.
Revenue Cycle Manager
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