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Stacy Godes, DDS partners with Pearly for membership dentistry automation

Learn how Dr. Stacey Godes generates over $180k per year in membership subscription fees while automating membership management.
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"Pearly's software is turn-key and patients love our plans."
- Dr. Stacy Godes
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of direct membership subscription annually
more visits from members vs. uninsured


Combat declining PPO reimbursement rates.

Stacy Godes, DDS was looking to launch an in-house dental membership program as the office re-opened after the statewide closures due to COVID-19. Dr. Godes knew that her uninsured patients would be seeking comprehensive and affordable oral care coverage during the new normal.

With a large base of active patients, the practice needed a solution to design custom plans and streamline membership management and billing. Dr. Godes reviewed other membership software offerings, but they were clunky, did not provide built-in promotional tools, and charged high monthly-minimum fees.

While researching various platforms, Dr. Godes discovered Pearly and a partnership was quickly formed.


Cloud-based membership plan software

Stacey Godes, DDS used Pearly to launch the Stacy Godes Dental Savings Plan. Dr. Godes and Rochelle, Team Leader and Treatment Coordinator, leveraged Pearly's intuitive Plan Builder to customize membership plans for all key segments of their patient base including a Child Plan, Adult Plan, and Perio Maintenance Plan.

Following plan design, Pearly's Membership Success team designed custom brochures for the office and worked with the practice's website team to add an online enrollment page. The practice staff quickly learned how to use Pearly's Practice Portal and started enrolling members at a rapid rate.


Automated management of over 400 members

Stacy Godes, DDS generated $100k in recurring membership subscription fees in the first 11 months using Pearly and is enrolling over 20 new members per month.

The practice is seeing a significant increase in production from membership patients compared to their uninsured patient base. Patients love the membership plans offered by Stacy Godes, DDS, evidenced by the 99% renewal rate and large number of patients who encourage their family members to enroll as well.

Offering an in-house membership program aligns with the practice's mission of connecting holistic dentistry, health, and wellness. Dr. Godes has successfully turned their hygiene department into a profitable subscription business and elevated oral care for members.

The full practice team appreciates how easy Pearly's software is to use and enjoys seeing patients benefit from membership.

Great company! Pearly's membership software is so easy and the financial impact to our practice has been significant.
Dr. Stacy Godes
Practice Owner
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