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Mosaic Dental Collective chooses Pearly to standardize their patient-portion RCM process

See how Mosaic Dental Collective leveraged Pearly's dynamic workflow automation to standardize their patient billing across their organization.
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Decentralized RCM process with disunified collection methods

Mosaic Dental Collective is a doctor-led dental fellowship organization based in Vancouver, WA that services over 50 locations.

As they expanded to new dental partners, Mosaic looked for a way to standardize its A/R collection efforts. Because their practices were using 8 PMS systems with diverse patient billing processes, Mosaic saw rising and aging A/R balances for the patient portion that was growing more difficult to collect.

Mosaic turned to Pearly to test drive its A/R management solution with a Pilot program across 6 trial locations.


Rapid collection rate growth via automated billing methods

Prior to using Pearly, decision makers at Mosaic questioned implementing another tool into their software stack, as they already used Weave for patient engagement.

Pearly offered automated workflows with detailed balance targeting, instead of Weave’s basic Text-To-Pay platform.  This differentiation made it unnecessary for RCM teams to manually audit balances and trigger a follow up with patients.

Because Pearly worked in the background collecting payments, RCM teams were able to focus their time and effort on more meaningful tasks.

During onboarding, Pearly’s Support Team simultaneously trained all users of the software and provided resources to encourage best practices for using Pearly. This process familiarized users and allowed them to customize the Pearly platform settings to fit their practice needs.

Starting with general dentistry practices with large A/R balances that used Open Dental, Mosaic immediately saw favorable results and decided to roll out Pearly to accommodate another 50 locations with varying PMS systems.

With Pearly, Mosaic was able to set templates for patient communication that was standardized across all pilot offices. Sending the right message, to the right patient, at the right time, practices were able to systematically target and collect balances using Pearly’s automation tools.


Hands-off approach to patient-portion A/R collection

Over a 30-day free pilot program, Mosaic’s 6 practices collected $190k in A/R from 979 payments. This represented 60% of the balances engaged by Pearly in under one month. During this one-month period, Pearly saved Mosaic staff an estimated total of 22 hours per office, drastically reducing their time spent on billing tasks.

From these balances, 25% were from the 90+ days past due bucket and had a high likelihood of being written off.

Going forward, Mosaic’s practices will implement additional Pearly functions to further optimize their collection efforts. These include Pay-Over-Time and advanced reporting modalities.

The ROI of Pearly is great and it works in the background.
Melissa B
Director of RCM Initiatives
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