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Meet Dynamic Workflows: The Next Generation of RCM Automation

We’re incredibly excited to announce the next innovation in Dental RCM: Dynamic Workflows.

Meet Dynamic Workflows: The Next Generation of RCM Automation

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Though Pearly has been a trailblazer for modernizing the revenue cycle in the dental industry through automation, the numerous billing and A/R collection tools on the platform made us realize that the next goal was to consolidate them into an all-in-one RCM interface.

Dynamic Workflows give practices more power and flexibility in their patient billing outreach. Customize and escalate patient communication depending on where a patient is in the billing cycle, among other attributes.

New Features, New Design, New Opportunities

With this major update to our Automation Suite, Pearly users will now be able to:

  • View and adjust all automation settings from a single, intuitive dashboard for your practice.

  • Customize, edit and preview messaging templates for all methods of patient communication, including SMS, email, and physical letters.

  • Set conditional triggers that work alongside your traditional blocking and outreach rules to give more potency to billing reminders.
  • Automatically include a soft, pre-collection step to your workflow, that automatically triggers once a patient balance is delinquent.
  • Configure Outreach Flow End rules that determine final outreach before patients are added to the “Follow Up” list

In addition to the new customizable workflows, many of these features were once found in different tabs of the Pearly App, but now users can control more of their patient outreach from the newly designed “Automation” tab. Just click “Edit Automation” to get started. Note that all previous settings have been carried over from the previous version of the app.

Combining many features and tools in an easy-to-use manner has been a long-time goal for our development team. We’re excited to share this major update, and hope that users make the most of it!

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