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Introducing Letter Automation from Pearly

We are excited to announce that DSOs and dental practices can now send paper statements and pre-collection letters directly from Pearly’s leading revenue cycle automation platform.

Introducing Letter Automation from Pearly

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While Pearly pioneered digital dental patient billing and A/R collection, physical letters still play an important role in helping practices get paid more, faster for specific patient cohorts.  

For example, sending a physical statement or pre-collection letter to patients with past due balances, who have not paid despite receiving numerous text and email billing reminders, can be an effective way to spur action.  

By incorporating letters into our existing revenue cycle automation solution, our DSO and private practice customers can now fully put post-visit patient billing and collections on autopilot.

Learn more about our new Letter Automation feature below:

How it Works

From Pearly’s cloud-based RCM platform, practices can easily customize letter templates, send with the click of a button, and track the entire letter production and delivery journey.

You can take a quick test drive below:

You will also soon be able to incorporate letter templates into your existing auto-outreach rules.  This means that you’ll be able to add a “Send Letter” step that will programmatically trigger a letter to be sent based on your customizable outreach and cadence rules.  

Template Examples

You can customize letter templates depending on your needs for 1 or 100+ offices.  

For example, our payment request template automatically includes a unique QR code that allows patients to view line-by-line visit details from any device and pay in seconds:

Getting Started

If you are already using Pearly, please reach out to your account manager to activate Letter Automation in your account. Your account manager can answer any questions and share our per letter mailed pricing.  

If you are not using Pearly, click here to book a demo with a product expert to learn more.

We are excited to continue to re-invent revenue cycle management for dental organizations and stay tuned for new features and products in 2024!

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