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How Does Dental Membership Software Work?

Learn how dental practices use Pearly's Dental Membership Software to turn uninsured patients into profitable members.

How Does Dental Membership Software Work?

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to a Pearly product overview! We're talking about our Dental Membership Software.

First, a little bit about Pearly. We create win-win solutions for dental practices and their patients. We're on a mission to empower practices to provide their patients with a superior way to access and pay for care.

We do this with our three products, and today we're talking about our Dental Membership Software. It's a turn-key solution that allows your practice to launch and grow an in-house dental membership program.

Before we dive into the features, let's talk a little bit about what is Membership Dentistry.

Put simply, it's like Amazon Prime, but for your dental practice. Patients pay your practice a subscription fee for a membership plan. The plans typically include preventative care and discounts on other procedures, but your practice is in 100% control of the pricing, treatments, and terms. These are just some examples on the slide here, but we work with you to craft the perfect plans that work for your patients and your practices bottom line.

The key point of membership plans is that they eliminate the insurance middlemen. You keep the relationship directly between your practice and patient.

Why should your practice consider offering a membership program? Well, dental practices face some challenging times.

First off, reimbursement rates continue to decline. In the many practices that we talk with, declining reimbursement rates is their number one concern. Second, maintaining high patient recall rates, ensuring that your patient base is actually coming in two, three times a year for treatment. Membership plans add this subscription or membership effect that keep them loyal. Third, attracting fee-for-service patients. Membership plans are a great way to offer millennials who don't have dental insurance, retirees who are losing their coverage, an attractive option. Also, uninsured patients don't visit the dentist as often as insured patients because of perceived cost. Having a membership plan that's affordable and comprehensive encourages fee-for-service patients to come to your office versus a competitor.

Finally, consumer expectations are changing. Especially the younger generation, they expect a seamless way to access and pay for dental care services, and membership plans deliver.

Forward-thinking practices, they're taking back control with in-house membership plans because they provide better care for patients. Patients are able to get comprehensive care that's affordable, and importantly, very simple. All the treatments that are included in the pricing are laid out very clearly. They also can enroll in 90 seconds when using Pearly's Dental Membership Software in your office or on any device.

Finally, there's no annoying paperwork. There's no denial of claims or insurance headaches. It's really the way that dental care was meant to be delivered.

Now, for your practice, as we discussed, it removes the insurance middlemen, and importantly, your practice can generate recurring revenue. The membership fees that are coming in are predictable revenue that your practice is receiving each month. You are not starting your production goal at $0 each month, you have a reliable revenue stream. This can really add up as you build to 100, 200, 300, 400 members.

You also build patient loyalty as a membership plan is directly between the patient and practice.

Let's discuss attracting new patients. It's so hard to get new patients. The $99 new patient special has been around for a long time. Membership plans are a new offering that you can incorporate into your marketing to attract new, uninsured patients.

To show you the data, members are your best patients. Compared to your insured patient base, they're more profitable because the insurance companies are not taking a big bite out of your revenue. Compared to your uninsured patients, they visit your office more and spend more money on treatment, so they deliver more revenue.

When you look at your membership base after growing a program, you are going to find that they're more profitable if you compare them to your insured patients, and deliver more revenue if you compare them to your uninsured patients.

How does your practice join the membership movement?

Well, with Pearly, we offer a turn-key Dental Membership Software platform. I'll tell you a little bit about how it works.

First off, we help you create your program. Our software is so easy to use and you can see some screenshots here. We have an internal plan builder that makes it really easy for you to set your pricing, your treatments, and your terms. To give you a little overview, we provide some templates that you can use, but you can also create one for the ground up. When you go into the software and you create a new plan, it's easy to add in treatments by CDT code as well as any custom treatments, fees, discounts on other procedure categories, and specific terms that you want to include.

Now, once your plans are ready to go, then it's about promoting it to your members. This is the key piece. There's a lot of practices that fall short of seeing the true success that a membership program can deliver by not adequately promoting the program. With Pearly, we give you all the tools to make that easy. First off, we give you a beautiful signup site that allows patients to enroll from your website online from any device. I'll show you a couple of examples of that in a second. We also provide your office with brochures and other materials to make sure that every uninsured patient that comes to the front desk knows that you have a membership plan. We also provide outbound marketing support so you can incorporate this membership program in all of the outreach you're doing to new and existing patients in your area?.

Finally, we have a neat feature that allows you to send text and email invites to patients who may not be ready to sign up in your office, but want to review the signup site, and the terms and the pricing at home. It takes one click to send them a text or an email to invite them to your program.

Here's an example of a membership enrollment site (watch the video to view). Obviously, this would have your practices logo, and we can customize the colors and images. When patients scroll down, they'll see all the membership plans that you offer, and if you offer annual and/or monthly pricing. They can click more details and see all the different terms, the effective date, the renewal rate, and all the included treatments. We make this a seamless checkout process. At your office, your practice staff has access to the Pearly portal.

They can easily enroll in a membership plan in three simple steps. They just enter their email, their billing details, select the plan, and they're ready to go. It's very, very easy. If a member ever needs to change their credit card details or anything like that, it's super-simple.

The final step is managing your program. The Pearly portal gives you robust analytics and performance tracking so you can see how many members you have, the cumulative revenue, payouts, and how your membership plan is performing overall.

It's easy when you dive into the platform to get a full overview of every member. You can see their latest payments, track their activity, and adjust any profile information like billing details, or email, or phone address with one click. The performance dashboard makes it incredibly simple to make sure that you have complete insight and visibility into what's going on with your practice.

To our pricing, we believe in keeping it simple, transparent, with no hidden fees for your practice. If you head over to, you can see our up-to-date pricing for our Dental Membership Software.

If you're interested in learning a little bit more about why Pearly and why you should think about using our dental membership software, check out We'll give you some in-depth stats and details on how dental membership software can help your practice, build patient loyalty, grow your recurring revenue, and ultimately boost your practice's profitability.

This has been a really quick overview, but if you want a personal tour, go over to We'll hop on a live screen-share with you, answer all your questions, and dig in and show you the software live.

Finally, we work really hard to give you great actionable free resources. You can head on over to the Pearly Academy and check out more articles and videos that our team works hard and collaborates with experts to deliver you practice growth advice.

Thank you so much for joining this short video.

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