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SmileCraft partners with Pearly for digital statements and billing automation

Learn how Smile Craft Dental saves time by digitizing patient statements and billing workflows with Pearly.
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2 Location Private Practice

"Turns our past due patient balances into cash flow."
- Benjamin Yuh, Billing Manager
past due patient balances collected in 30 days
increase in patient self-pay payments
46 hours
staff time saved per month


Modernize the patient billing & payment experience.

Smile Craft Dental has two offices located in Northern California and was looking for a mobile-first solution for patient billing.

After a few phone calls with the team, Smile Craft determined that Pearly was the best fit to streamline payments, boost collection rate, and provide a modern financial experience for patients.

The practice was growing rapidly, moving team members into different and new roles which created a need for more delegation of company responsibilities.

With all the changes, manually collecting patient payments became inconsistent and ineffective. As a result, the practice's accounts receivable balance was aging, resulting in reduced cash flow and balance write-offs.


Digital statements with text message notifications.

Smile Craft implemented at their Redwood City and Mountain View offices. Smile Craft Operations Manager, Benjamin Yuh, worked closely with the Pearly onboarding team to integrate with their practice management system, Dentrix Ascend, with Pearly and customized account settings.

After patients and transactions were synced with Pearly, Benjamin analyzed Smile Craft's patient A/R in the Pearly Portal and engaged over 200 patients with past due balances in the first 15 minutes using the platform.

Pearly's outreach optimization engine then went to work automatically reaching out to patients on modern communication channels and encouraging payment with a frictionless checkout experience.


505 digital statements sent in 10 minutes.

In the first 30 days using Pearly, Smile Craft collected 48.1% more patient payments compared to the previous 30 days.

Pearly was directly responsible for over $26,609 in patient payments in the first 30 days, including thousands of dollars in patient balances over 200 days past due.

Given that Smile Craft's locations are in the Silicon Valley area, offering multiple, modern payment methods via Pearly's frictionless payment portal immediately resonated with patients. For example, nearly 25% of all payments in the first 30 days were made using a digital wallet (e.g. Apple Pay).

In addition to boosting collection rate and accelerating patient payments, Pearly's easy-to-use platform and automation tools empowered the Smile Craft Dental team to save an estimated 46 hours in the first month so they could spend more time helping patients.

Pearly combines results-driven software with amazing support and is a must have for any modern dental practice.
Dr. Amy Nguyen
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