Pearly Pay

Dental Patient Accounts Receivable, Automated

Pearly combines data science, intuitive design, and modern communication channels to create a patient financial experience that generates more payments today and boosts loyalty tomorrow.

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Your Outstanding Patients Deserve an Outstanding Payment Experience

Spend more time helping patients, and less time collecting payment. Automatically engage outstanding patients at the right time, in the right place, with the right message — and collect more payments, faster.

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More Ways to Pay

Offer installments and accept credit cards, debit cards, instant ACH, and Pay from any device.

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Optimized Patient Outreach

Intelligently engage patients with friendly text and email notifications to prompt payment.

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Practice Management Integration

Patient information and balances are pulled from your PMS.

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Patient Billing Made Frictionless

Empower patients to pay in three-clicks with a modern, patient-first interface with readable bills.

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How it Works

Pearly Pay removes the hassle of following up on past-due balances while increasing your dental practice's collection rate.


Patient Enrolled.

Patients with past-due invoices in your practice management system are automatically enrolled in a collection flow based on rules you set.

Patient Pays.

Patients receive friendly reminders, at the right time, and can pay in full from their favorite device or opt to self-enroll in an installment plan.

Practice Gets Paid.

Pearly processes the payment and deposits the funds into your practice's bank account. Track everything from your A/R dashboard.

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Pearly Pay is designed from the ground up with a modern, consumer-first approach that delivers a superior experience for patients while providing meaningful financial results to dental practices.

Practice Benefits

Boost Collection Rate by 30%+

Smart outreach via text & email prompts payment.

Reduce A/R Collection Costs

Make less calls and mail fewer paper statements.

Streamline Internal Operations

Fully integrated with your PMS.

Smart A/R Assistant

Predict patient payment probability by cohort.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Deliver a better financial experience to patients.

Patient Benefits

Pay Instantly from Any Device

Pay in a few clicks or reply to a text with "OK".

Easy to Understand Bills

Patient-first interface that makes bills readable.

Pay with Interest-Free Installments

Easily split-up the cost of expensive treatments.

More Ways to Pay

Credit card, debit card, instant ACH, and Pay.

Stored Payment Method

Securely keep your card on file for fast charges.

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Key Features

Pearly Pay guides your dental patients to complete payment in a personalized and convenient manner. With features like optimized outreach, Pay-By-Text, readable bills, automatic payment posting, and installment plans, your practice delivers a superior financial experience while improving collections.

Outreach Optimization

Personalized patient billing to get your practice paid faster, automatically.

Pearly's outreach optimization engine engages patients at the right time, with the right message, and on the right communication channel.

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Delightful experience for patients

Offer installments and accept credit cards, debit cards, instant ACH, and Pay from any device.

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Outreach Optimization Engine

Engage patients throughout the dunning cycle at the right time, on the right channel, automatically.

Practice Management Integration

Analyze outstanding patient balances and engage instantly.

Pearly seamlessly integrates with your practice management system, pulling in patient contact details, procedures, payments, adjustments, and claims automatically.

Review PMS Integration List

Smart Engagement Flows

Friendly notifications that patients actually respond to.

We combine data science and consumer-centric design to drive patient billing engagement on modern channels.

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Reach patients where and when it matters

We put patient billing engagement on autopilot.

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Practice branded financial experience

Upload your logo and key practice contact details.

Modern Payment Experience

Fast-track payment with frictionless checkout.

Our team believed that paying a dental bill should be as easy as buying an item on Amazon, so we made it a reality. Use our built-in payment processing or use your existing online bill pay.

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3 clicks on any device to pay

Patients pay faster when it takes less than 30 seconds.

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Accept more payment methods

Credit cards, debit cards, eCheck (ACH), Pay, and more.

Readable Bills

Reduce payment challenges with easy-to-understand bills.

Pearly pulls in the procedures for each visit and presents them in consumer-digestible bills to eliminate billing confusion.

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Beautiful bills automatically created

Pearly auto-generates readable bills for patients to review so your practice team saves hours each week.

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Full practice-patient relationship history

Patients can view every visit, every procedure, every payment, every insurance claim, and every adjustment, from any device.

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Easy to understand pending insurance claims

Paid and pending insurance claims are automatically factored into the balance for accurate payments.

Installment Plans

Empower patients to pay-in-full or select a payment plan.

Increase collections and case acceptance by allowing patients to break up balances with in-house installment plans.

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You set the schedule & terms

Craft your ideal Installment Plan by adjusting down payment, number of payments, and duration.

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You choose the patients

Select which patients are offered payment plans based on balance size and days past-due.

Payment Posting

Payments post automagically to your practice software.

Eliminate the need to post payments to your practice management system with Pearly's industry-leading write-back capability for supported versions.


HIPAA & PCI compliant accounts receivable software.

Practice and patient trust is our #1 priority and we ensure HIPAA-compliant handling of protected health information (PHI) and PCI-compliant handling of financial card data.

See Security Documentation
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See below for frequently asked questions about Pearly Pay. You can always shoot us an email to hello@pearlyplan.com or call us at (844) 955-0637.

We integrate with 90%+ of the practice management systems ("PMS") used by dental practices in the United States via our integration with SikkaSoft.

Connecting your practice management system only takes a few minutes and we walk you through the entire process. You can take a look at our integration list below to ensure we support your PMS.

View Integration List

We pride ourselves on amazing service! You are assigned an A/R Success Manager at launch who will help get you up and running (hint: it's super simple) and walk you through best practices. Our Support Superheros are also available to help with any technology questions you may encounter.

Practices love how intuitive our software is - "it just works!"

Talk to an A/R Success Manager

You can get up and running in less than one day. Once your practice is set-up and we've integrated your practice management system, the software goes to work and you can start collecting more patient payments, faster.

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