Installment Plans

Offer in-house payment plans automatically.

Increase collections and case acceptance by allowing patients to break up payments into installments.

Boost collection rate

You set the rules

Finance alternative

Easy for patients

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Make it easier for patients to start paying their past-due balance.

Installments is an option you can provide to patients when collecting funds with Pearly Pay. You choose the terms and we automate billing.

How It Works

Allow patients to self-select payment plans.

Let your patients break up their past-due balance with an in-house installment plan option. You control the schedule and terms.


Set Rules.

Practice determines the Installment Plan schedule and rules, including balance size and days past-due.

Patient Enrolls.

Patient views their balance, selects the Installment Plan option, and makes their first payment.

Get Paid.

Pearly automatically processes payments according to the schedule and deposits funds to your practice.

Why It Works

Patients pay more when they can pay at their own pace.

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Jump-start patients to pay.

Smaller payments over time removes stress.

Easy for patients and you.

One-click for patients to choose installments.

Build patient loyalty.

Show patients you care about their financial situation.

Alternative to 3rd-party financing.

Practice keeps a direct relationship with patients.

Practice Features

Enable Installments in less than 30-seconds.

When using Pearly Pay, you have the option to enable Installments instantly from your dashboard and are 100% in control of the plan settings.

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You set the schedule & terms

Craft your ideal Installment Plan by adjusting down payment, number of payments, and duration.

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You choose the patients

Select which patients are offered payment plans based on balance size and days past-due.

Easy for Patients

Modern payment experience for patients.

Patients can start an in-house payment plan from any device and our intuitive design makes it as easy as signing up for your favorite subscription service.

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Multiple payment methods

Patients can pay with all major credit cards, debit cards, or instant eCheck (ACH).

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Automatic billing

Pearly automatically charges the payment method on file according to the installment schedule.

Superhero Service

We're your partner in practice growth.

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A/R Success Manager

We strategize with your practice on how best to utilize Installments to reduce accounts receivable and improve your patient experience.

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Support Heroes

We're here to help you answer any patient questions and address any other concerns from tech support to feature feedback.

Frequently asked questions

Helpful Answers

What is Installments?

Installments is an easy way to give patients the option to pay at their own pace with an in-house payment plan. You set the rules for which patients are provided the option. When a patient views their balance via Pearly Pay, the patient can select to pay in full or in Installments. Payments are automatically deposited into your practice bank account.

Do you provide support?

You know it! You are assigned an A/R Success Manager who will help get you up and running and show you how to enable the Installments option (hint: it's really easy). Our Support Superheros are also available to help with any technology questions you may encounter.

How do I know when we get a payment?

You will be notified via email when a successful payment is processed. In the Pearly Portal, you can also view a history of all payments processed as well as what Installment charges are scheduled for each patient. If our robust analytics are not enough, we're happy to help you pull a customized report.

What happens if a patient stops paying?

When a patient chooses the installments option, their first payment is collected up front and their payment method on file is automatically billed at the interval you set. If their payment method is declined, we re-process up to three times and then you and the patient are notified to update.