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Membership Growth Services

Dental membership growth is a team sport.

Turn your dental membership plan acquisition on autopilot with our innovative growth services.

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The traditional Sales Funnel is broken for dental membership plan awareness, acquisition, and retention.

Our Philosophy

Introducing the Growth Cycle.


If you walk into any dental office, chances are you’ll hear about their Sales Funnel. But recently, the Sales Funnel has begun to fail, especially in relation to in-house membership programs. Today, dental patients respond to the right message, at the right time, and listen to word-of-mouth referrals.

The Sales Funnel has one massive flaw - it treats patients and members as an afterthought, not a driving force.

With the Growth Cycle, you educate your patients on the value of membership programs, connect with them at the right moments, and use the momentum of your happy members to drive referrals.

Learn about the Rule of 7 for Promoting In-House Membership
How the Cycle Works


Get your team to show the value of membership plans to every patient.


Promote your membership offering on key digital and physical channels.


Keep members happy and fuel word-of-mouth membership marketing.


Get your entire office talking about membership plans.

We train your team to show the value of membership plans and help you educate your existing uninsured patients about your new membership plans.

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Team Training

Your Pearly Membership Growth Consultant spends an hour or more with your team to kick-start the membership program.

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Pearly Guides

Leverage our best-practice guides and scripts to ensure your in-house membership program launches right.


Target new and existing patients everywhere they are.

We help your practice continuously promote your membership plans to your patients via hyper-targeted omni-channel awareness and outreach campaigns.

Printed brochures

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Social templates


Prompt happy members to influence your referral cycle.

We help you use the momentum of your happy members to drive referrals and retention. Optimize plan pricing and features based on member feedback.

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Your membership growth team is here.

Pearly Membership Growth Services partners with your practice to successfully launch and grow your membership program.

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Experienced experts

Our team has 100+ years of combined dental marketing expertise, including the founders of 1-800-DENTIST, that we leverage for every practice.

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Cutting-edge tools

We use innovative internal tools as well as leading third-party vendors to hyper-target prospective members and deliver results.

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Shared mission

We believe in putting our money where our mouth is and are 100% aligned to help you grow your membership program.