Collect more payments, faster, with texting.

Collect outstanding balances from your dental patients by allowing them to Pay-By-Text.

Accelerate cash flow

Contactless payments

PMS integration

Customized branding

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Send text. Get paid.

Your patients may not answer a collection call or open a mailed statement, but they'll always read a text message. Empower your patients to pay quickly with Pay-By-Text. It's the easiest way to pay so your dental practice will collect more, faster, and spend less time on collections.

How It Works

Start collecting receivables by text.

Offer the most convenient and private channel for patients to pay their past-due balance, before making the dreaded collections call.


Send Text.

Send a friendly, personalized text message to a patient with a link to view and pay their invoice.

Patient Clicks.

Patients click on the text message payment link to securely pay the amount due right on their phone.

Get Paid.

Pearly automatically processes the payment and deposits the funds into your practice's bank account.

Why It Works

Reach patients on the channel they prefer most.

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Collect more, faster.

Text message open rate is 98% vs. 20% for email.

Reduce A/R costs.

Mailing statements and calling costs $10+ per invoice.

Provide a modern patient experience.

Millennials hate phone calls and don't read mail.

Save time.

Spend time helping patients, not on collections.

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Our easy to use, cloud-based software makes billing a breeze.

Easy Payment Reminders

Send payment requests to patients in 10 seconds.

Send Pay-By-Text requests to patients to follow up on past-due balances in seconds. Simple!

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Fast patient entry

Enter new patient contact details once.

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Personalized messaging

Customize your greeting text and signature.

Personalized Payment Portal

Frictionless payment experience for patients.

Patients can seamlessly complete payment on their phone, tablet, or desktop computer in seconds.

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Branded payment portal

Practice logo and details are front and center.

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Accept more payment methods

Credit card, debit card, ACH, and digital wallets.

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Installment Plans

Allow patients to pay over time automatically.

Installments is an optional add-on that you can provide to patients when collecting funds with Pay-by-Text. Empower your patients to pay their bill over time with interest-free payments.

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100% control of installment schedule

You determine schedule and eligible patients.

Learn More About Installments
Robust Analytics

Track the status of every balance request and payment.

View the status of each patient balance, mark as recorded in your practice management system, measure days to pay, and see direct deposits.

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Management made easy

View the payment history of each patient.

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Instant insights

Key metrics at your fingertips.

Modern Payment Processing

Power to your patients.

Provide a modern, frictionless experience for patients to complete payment with a wide range of Payment Methods.

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All major credit & debit cards

Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Maestro, JCB, and UnionPay. Uniform processing fee for all card types.

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Instant ACH / eCheck

Patients can securely authenticate with their bank username and password - no account or routing numbers required.

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Digital wallets

Dynamically offer the option for patients to complete payment with Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay.

Superhero Service

We're your partner in practice growth.

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A/R Success Manager

We strategize with your practice on how best to utilize Pay-By-Text to reduce accounts receivable and improve your patient experience.

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Support Heroes

We're here to help you answer any patient questions and address any other concerns from tech support to feature feedback.

Frequently asked questions

Helpful Answers

What is Pay-By-Text?

Pay-By-Text is a secure and simple way for dental practices to collect outstanding balances with a text message. The practice sends a request to the patient, the patient is notified, and can pay instantly on their mobile device. Pearly then processes the payment and deposits the money directly into the dental practice's bank account.

Do you provide support?

Of course! You are assigned an A/R Success Manager who will help get you up and running (hint: it's super easy) and walk you through best-practices. Our Support Superheros are also available to help with any technology questions you may encounter. We win when you win.

How do I know when we get a payment?

You will be notified via email when a successful payment is processed. In the Pearly Portal, you can also view a history of all payments processed as well as outstanding balances. If our robust analytics are not enough, we're happy to help you pull a customized report.

How long does it take to get started?

Do you have 5 minutes? We can get you live. We created Pay-By-Text to be easy for dental practices and patients. Schedule a demo with us and we can get you up and running on the call. You will need your practice's direct deposit details handy so we can create a merchant account for you, in order to receive payouts from successful payments.