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Our team is excited to introduce Pearly! Dental membership software and growth services built to elevate practices.

Jeff Cole
Chief Executive Officer
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Introducing Pearly!

Our team is excited to introduce Pearly: dental membership management software and growth services for forward-thinking dental practices.

We are currently piloting our platform with select practices and will be officially launching in a few months. If you are a dental practice looking for a better way to launch and grow a new or existing in-house membership program, click here to join our waitlist.

We wanted to take a moment to tell you a bit more about our solution, our mission, our values, our team, and why we think membership plans are the future of dentistry.

Our Solution

Pearly for Practices

Design a membership program in 10-minutes and start marketing to your uninsured patients with cutting-edge Dental Membership Software. Our turn-key Membership Growth Services help your dental practice convert patients into members automatically.

Membership plans help your practice attract uninsured patients, reduce your dependence on insurance, and generate subscription revenue.

Pearly for Patients

Welcome to a better way to access comprehensive and affordable oral care. Most dental membership plans include all preventive care and discounts on other treatments for a low monthly or annual subscription fee.

If you don't have dental insurance or benefits, you can enroll directly with your dentist in 90-seconds to get a dental membership plan. You can access your benefits from any device. Never wait for insurance claims to come through and understand exactly what you are paying for the benefits you receive in exchange.

Our Mission & Values

We are on a mission to empower dental practices to serve the oral care needs of uninsured patients.

Our vision is that every uninsured American has access to high quality dental care at an affordable price.

We believe that bold moves define the future. That the ambition to lead requires the humbleness to serve. Our Core Values define our company culture. And that doing the right thing is always worth it.

Outcome First 🏆

We start with the desired outcome and align our actions accordingly. Results, not reports.

Candid Communication 💬

We speak directly, listen openly, and collaborate honestly. Tell it like it is.

Continuous Learning 📚

We are hungry to learn and improve every day. Stay curious my friends.

Bias for Action 🦸

We combine strategic thinking with prompt action. If you see something, do something.

Our Team

Our innovative team has 60+ years of experience in the dental industry. We are proven entrepreneurs, including the co-founders of 1-800-DENTIST, eager to help practices grow and deliver a better way to access comprehensive dental care.

You can learn more about the Pearly team on our LinkedIn page here.

Why Membership Plans?

Dental Insurance is Bad for Dentists and Patients

According to a 2018 research paper by the American Dental Association (ADA), fees paid to dentists through private dental insurance plans are significantly lower than market rates. In addition, for the majority of adults, total copayments, coinsurance, and premiums exceed the “market” value of the dental care patients receive.

This means that the insurance middleman is taking a large share of dental industry revenue (25% to 50% according to some estimates), while dentists receive low reimbursements and patients have to deal with a frustrating and expensive process to access oral care.

Uninsured Patients Do Not Visit the Dentist Enough

95% of adults in the United States say they value keeping their mouth healthy and believe quality oral care is important, according to the HPI’s Oral Health Care System report. However, 1 in 3 adults have no form of dental benefits coverage, representing nearly 100 million Americans.

According to a NADP consumer survey, Americans with dental coverage are: 1) 49% more likely to have visited the dentist in the last 6 months; 2) 42% more likely to take their children to visit a dentist twice per year; and 3) 33% more likely to get periodontal maintenance treatment. Why? Patients without coverage feel exposed and uncomfortable when they get in the chair regarding expected costs.

However, there are still close to 40 million Americans, without dental benefits, who visit the dentist at least once per year.

This is a key insight as it represents a tremendous opportunity for practices to provide uninsured patients with an option to receive affordable and comprehensive care, that is simple and easy to understand.

Membership Plan Patients Act Like Insured Patients

While uninsured patients visit the dentist less often and accept less treatment compared to patients with dental benefits, membership plan patients visit your practice and accept treatment like insured patients.

Membership plans foster loyalty and eliminate the fear of unexpected costs.

This “membership effect” is evident across all industries. For example, Amazon Prime members spend, on average, 133% more per year than non-Prime Amazon customers. Airlines have been offering frequent flyer programs for decades and Costco’s entire business is based around membership.

Your practice is no different – by converting your uninsured patients into plan members, you’ll see an increase in office visits and treatment acceptance. This is good for your patients' oral health as well as your practice’s bottom line.

Members Generate More Net Revenue Than Insured Patients

Membership plan patients are your members. They pay you a subscription fee directly versus premiums to an insurance company. Given that dental insurance companies reimburse your practice for treatment far below market rates, even with a discount offered as part of a membership plan, membership plan patients deliver more profitable revenue to your practice.

Depending on your insurance acceptance mix and the discounts you decide to provide with your membership program, membership plan patients generate 20% to 55% more net revenue for your practice compared to insured patients.

In addition, plan members eliminate the time-consuming and costly administrative burden associated with insurance. Membership plan patients are your best patients.

Membership Programs Boost Dental Practice Value

Launching and growing a membership program allows your practice to increase revenue and boost net income, without adding new patients. Turning your uninsured patients into plan members means you’ll get more value from your existing patient base, while improving the oral health of your patients.

In addition, your practice will generate recurring subscription revenue that adds stability to your business. Practices with membership programs have the comfort of a reliable revenue stream that allows the hygiene department to become a profitable subscription business.

Subscription revenue is also valued more highly than one-time sales revenue if you decide to sell your practice. There are many books and analyses on the benefits of subscription revenue and it’s likely that a membership plan patient is 1.5x to 3.0x more valuable than an uninsured or insured patient.

Bottom Line

Dental membership plans are good for patients and practices.

Subscription-based dentistry is the future of the industry as reimbursement rates continue to decline and patients get frustrated with complex processes.

The challenge for dentists is successfully launching and growing a membership program, while delivering an amazing patient experience.

We're building Pearly to help.

Join us on our mission and request a demo to learn more.

❤️ Jeff, Sean, Fred, and Gary